Terms & Conditions

Electronicaweb in its capacity as service provider, training, installation and support in computers and technology whose specifications have been related in the Service Order signed by the Customer, and for the full understanding of the conditions and service offered establishes the following definitions :

Service Order: it is the document of acceptance of the conditions of provision of the specific service requested by the Client.

Expert Electronicaweb: is the group of people from Electronicaweb that take care of the Clients and provide them with support services and technological support.

Client: is the person receiving the service of support and technological support.

Equipment: are the systems, equipment, solutions, software, peripherals, accessories and other property of the Client and subject to the provision of the Electronicaweb service.

Electronicaweb Operations Center: it is the headquarters of Electronicaweb where the different service channels offered to the Customer are centralized.

Warranty notes

For warranty purposes, a copy of the invoice and the merchandise with all its accessories and original packaging is required. No warranty will be given for damage caused by high voltage, shock, deterioration or deconfiguration of equipment, software and viruses.

** Technical service policy

Technical service guarantee

After the equipment has been delivered, verified and approved by the customer (Order of service conformity)
– The customer has 5 business days to validate the guarantee for the service provided (described in order of service)
– After this period, the service will be charged and billed again according to the requested requirements.

Web Service Guarantee (modificación de software, sitio web)

– Please note that when providing access to platform administration, the site is at your availability and responsibility, any changes or modifications made by mistake, will not be the responsibility of Electronicaweb

– If at the time of collection of information, does not provide images of your site, these spaces will be filled with generic photographs of free use or with watermarks.

– The service and delivery is according to the client accepts your final product, and from there the guarantee on contents is 3 days, after this only platform and operation guarantee is provided.

  • *If it is required to unlink the domain of the current hosting provider, this will incur a cost of 120

Guarantee of technological inputs

– The guarantees of technological supplies will depend on each supplier and each brand.

– The response times of the guarantees vary according to their manufacturer. (desde 30 días aproximadamente a 3 meses)

Shipping costs by guarantee will be assumed by the end customer
Some discounts do not handle return policy *
Repairs of parts require a minimum of 30 days.
Guarantee in software installations is of maximum 5 days.

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